Privacy Policy

Device Location Access

This app may access your device location for the purpose of providing in-app map-related functionality. Your location data is not collected or shared with third parties.


This app may use an advertising service provided by Google. As part of its advertising service, Google may collect various information in order to improve its performance. This information may include your IP address and non-user related crash logs. This information may also include performance data such as launch time, hang rate, or energy usage, your device ID such as the device's advertising identifier, advertising data, and other user product interactions.

You may opt out of advertising and its associated information sharing by upgrading the app through a one-time in-app purchase available in the Settings menu.

How Google Uses Information From Sites or Apps That Use Google Services

Data Retention and Deletion Policy

Qvyshift does not retain any personal or sensitive user information.

Developer Contact Information

Qvyshift LLC

Inquiries may be sent via e-mail to